Los Angeles, CA (May, 2015) – The leading manufacturer of packs and bags for all of life’s adventures, Outdoor Products®, is showcasing an incredible story featuring their Watertight Boxes.

A day on the lake turned into an unexpected discovery for a Floridian man, fishing off the coast of Palm Beach, FL. After spotting an item floating in the water and curious to know what it was, he and his friends turned their boat around to identify the floating object. It was a watertight box.

“It was one of your watertight cases floating with two iPhones, a wallet, some cash, and a key. Everything inside unharmed.” The man inspected the box further and found that the wallet had some identification cards, credit cards, and other items, but no phone numbers. He decided to charge the phones after getting home. “While I waited for a response I looked at the phones once they were charged, and when I hit the home screen button a message popped up, ‘Lost phone. If found please call this number…’ I did and was able to find one of the owners.”

It turned out that a few university students had been out spearfishing and their watertight box tumbled off board. They searched for hours in attempt to locate it; they were even able to go home and track their phones in the ocean until the batteries died. However, they had no luck.

With the help of a good man and the Outdoor Products® Watertight Box, the students were able to get their belongings back to them in perfect condition. The Watertight Boxes are designed to protect gear from moisture, and the Outdoor Products team was thrilled to hear this awesome story.

The boxes are composed of shatterproof Polycarbonate material, possess an O-ring to ensure a watertight seal, and include durable latch closures. There is even a rubber key clip to hook the box to another item, to prevent the box from escaping you.

Available in dark blue, light blue, or orange, the Watertight Boxes from Outdoor Products are perfect for any adventure that involves a splash.

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