World-class service and tailored solutions are at the heart of every decision we make and our values have been built on these two principles. Over the past 40 years, our experience, lessons learned, and most importantly, our customers, have shaped the TORG way of life.


Back in 1973, the family that has now grown their business into an international manufacturer and distributor of outdoor goods and accessories was busy laying a foundation for a business built on a passion for the great outdoors. We built a four-story department store, “The Famous Department Store” in Los Angeles and continue to operate our headquarters out of our home city today.

“The Famous Department Store” was stocked floor-to-ceiling with every outdoor product imaginable, and quickly surpassed the expectations of the outdoor enthusiasts that stopped by to stock up for their life adventures. The TORG family attributes our success to our personal knowledge of the outdoors, but more importantly, to our customer feedback. We have stood by our philosophy of Quality + Value + Customer Feedback = Success throughout the years, and continue to grow as a family, a business, and a leader in the cut-and-sew manufacturing industry.

While the TORG family-owned department stores are no longer standing, the values instilled from the days when we first started off are stronger than ever. We still reminisce about the good ol’ days when we sit around the campfire passing along our stories of adventure and exploration to the next generation. As we look to the future, we are prouder than ever to have a hand in making memories possible for anyone and everyone who uses our products to explore our beautiful world. So join us, grab a pack, and become part of a family that cares about its people, it’s customers, and the outdoors.


TORG defines success by the quality and level of service we deliver—in our innovation, in our expertise, in every tested and proven process—for our customers worldwide.


Our values support our organization from the inside out. They shaped our organization from the beginning in 1973 and continue to be the essence of why we do what we do every day. We live and breathe by them to grow our business, build our relationships and respect our communities.

  • Passionate about our customers and our products. We take care of our brands through every phasefrom cradle to consumer. We do things right to do right for our customers.
  • Motivated to unlock vision. We believe in the heritage of our brands to grow our business andwe believe in new ideas to leverage new trends and build that potential giant.
  • Aim high to deliver the best. Our team is relentless in their efforts to build the best experience—from the creativity to the quality to the “do whatever it takes” support
  • Resiliency to all obstacles. Over time, we have built the tools and the capacity to get productsto market quickly with ease, and always deliver on our commitment to quality.
  • Authentic in our relationships. We are good partners. Genuine in spirit. A reputation of longevity.We take pride in our relationships with everyone we partner with.
  • Sustainable for our future. Our mission is to continue to grow with consistent awareness ofour people, our environment, and solid business practices.