Our Heritage

In 1973, the Altshule family established Outdoor Products and laid the foundation for a company built on a passion for the great outdoors. The family has grown its business into a successful international manufacturer and distributor of outdoor gear and accessories.

The family first opened a four-story department store in Los Angeles that displayed more camping tents and gear than any other retailer in the U.S. It quickly surpassed the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts that stopped by to stock up for their life adventures.  Providing value, product assortment and listening to customer feedback was the key to success then.

The company now offers 48-plus years of knowledge and experience in the outdoor and sporting goods industries, in-house product and packaging design, and a global sourcing team that will find the best materials and follow the production cycle to make sure quality and delivery deadlines are met, all while elevating the customer experience. Outdoor Products has stood by the philosophy of Quality + Value + Customer Feedback = Success throughout the years and continues to grow as a family, a business and a leader in the cut-and-sew manufacturing industry.

While Outdoor Products outgrew The Famous Department Store, the values instilled from the days when it first started off are stronger than ever. As Outdoor Products looks to the future, the company is very proud to have a hand in making memories possible for anyone and everyone who uses its products to explore planet earth. So come join us, grab a pack, and become part of a family that cares about its core values, its customers and the great outdoors.

World-class service and tailored solutions are at the heart of every decision we make and our values have been built on these two principles. Over the past 48 years, our experience, lessons learned, and most importantly, our customers, have shaped the TORG way of life.

Famous Department Store
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